Dental Management Software


Dental Management Software (DENTAON) is a product of World Soft Zone. It assists dental professionals in various aspects of their practice, including patient management, treatment planning, clinical documentation, scheduling, billing, and more. This software solution is developed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of dental clinics, dental laboratories, and related healthcare facilities. Overall DENTAON plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality of dental care by automating administrative tasks, facilitating clinical decision-making, and enhancing communication among dental professionals and patients.

--View Product Feature

  • Reception & Billing System
  • Appointment & Patient Management
  • Customized Clinical Chart
  • Doctor Management
  • Prescription Template System
  • Medicine Ready Database
  • Patient Medical History & Record
  • Treatment Plan
  • Diagnosis and Investigation
  • HR & Payroll System
  • Referral & Commission System
  • Stock Management
  • SMS & Email and
  • Many More

--Platforms & frameworks

  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • HTML, CSS, BootStrap
  • JavaScript, jQuery
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