Health Management System

Health Management System

Qualified staff forms only one part of a successful health facility, while well-established management makes the other part. Taking into account the complexity of any hospital ecosystem, the whole functioning of the entity is impossible without a proper software management system. The hospital management software can vary from one health organization to another, depending on the functionality it incorporates.

--Product Feature

Hospital Management Software is aimed at facilitating the work of hospital staff, including interactions with patients. It helps with:

  • Automation of routine tasks.
  • Improved communication and coordination of staff.
  • Achieving a patient-centered approach.
  • Material and human resources management.
  • Supply chain control.

--Hospital Management System contains information about:

  • Doctors Schedules, appointments, emergency numbers.
  • Staff Contact numbers, professional information.
  • Patients Confidential personal data, medical history.
  • Laboratory results Test and analysis results.
  • Supplies Medicine and instruments inventory.
  • Billing Hospital and patients spending.
  • Insurance Patient insurance data.
  • Statistical reports All the data analysis and diversified reports.

--Platforms & frameworks

  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • HTML, CSS, BootStrap
  • JavaScript, jQuery
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